Flicker Here, Flicker There

Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme

The Northern Flicker is one of my favorite visitors to our winter feeders.  This little friend is a member of the woodpecker family and is about 13 inches tall, with a wingspan of 20 inches.

flicker 007

flicker 009

I love the little heart shape, on the back of his head.

flicker 010

flicker 011

flicker 017

flicker 013

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tunes without the words and never stops at all.  ~Emily Dickinson


flicker 009



15 Comments on “Flicker Here, Flicker There

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  2. WOW! We have a woodpeker visiting our garden. He is all green like moss with a patch of fiery red like yours. My daughter has taken up en her to place several feeders in the garden and we can admire sparrows, larks and many other tiny birds. I would never know how to phtotograph them like you do though! I’m a fierce lover of nature. Each year my small town host an International Nature Movie event and I go every time. Your pictures would have a place of choice!

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    • Since finding tiny critters in the winter, in Michigan, is a challenge, I focus on the birds. We have many feeds as well. These photos were actually taken through the dining room window! 😂 ha! Lucky shots!

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