Thoughts of the Big Island…

I am sad to share that this will be the last weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post, titled All Time Favorites.  Some of my all time favorite photos were taken while on a 10 day trip, to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Take a look…

Hawaii October 2016 858

Sea Turtle: Black Sand Beach

Hawaii  October 2016 113.JPG

Tropical Rain Forest

Hawaii October 2016 303

Tropical Canopy

Hawaii  October 2016 265.JPG

The Power of the Sea

Hawaii  October 2016 321.JPG

Lava Entering the Ocean

Hawaii  October 2016 387.JPG

Hot Steam

Hawaii  October 2016 343.JPG

The Glow of Flowing Hot Lava

Hawaii  October 2016 1104.JPG

The Fishing God


Over the Rainbow

Hawaii  October 2016 1176.JPG

The Cliff

My thoughts are with the Big Island families that have lost their homes, due to the Kilauea Volcano eruption.


All-Time Favorites

6 Comments on “Thoughts of the Big Island…


    • Thank you! We rode our bikes until the park rangers had the area roped off. That opening was about 30 feet from where we were standing!


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